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Winter is not the time to hibernate. Remember that many activities like  swimming, walking, tobogganing or coming out for the Hurts So Good Indoor Bootcamp are great at any time of year.


Marni Lee, RMT, Certified Trainer, Kinesiology (Western University)

My name is Marni Lee and I am a registered massage therapist, certified personal trainer and owner of Hurts So Good.  I spent 4 hard years running varsity track, playing ultimate Frisbee, aquabics and pushing myself through hours of studying to receive an Honours degree in Kinesiology. Six months after university I headed to Afghanistan to work as a fitness, sports and recreation coordinator with the Canadian military.  I would love to share the benefits of massage therapy, personal training and a healthy lifestyle with you! With hard work, determination and people to rely on, YOU can achieve the healthy lifestyle you deserve.

Karen is our current Personal Trainer

Karen Rektor, Certified Fitness Trainer

I found out at a very early age that I had a deep passion for anything associated with sports and fitness. Fitness and the sports industry have always been a big part of my life, whether it is through participating, teaching, coaching or instructing. After graduating from high school, I pursued a career in the Canadian Military, where once again, I had the opportunity to work within the sports and fitness industry. After the military I decided it was time to do what I loved doing best, teaching fitness to others in the hopes of giving them the knowledge that staying fit leads to a healthy retirement. So I took the courses and I am now certified as a fitness trainer/instructor, certified in CPR and first aid and have military and soldier qualifications. I am always looking to better myself in this field by constantly upgrading my fitness level and knowledge through books, courses, internet, seminars and conferences.

Personal training does not have to mean lifting weights in a gym.  Together, we can figure out what YOU enjoy doing and make exercise part of your daily routine.

Rejuvenate with a hot stone or relaxation massage. Great for injury recovery, stress and decreasing headaches.

Discover a great way to have fun, be active and live a healthy lifestyle.

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